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Uj Electric Rust Remover

This dcvicc can bring unrecognizable lumps of rust back to useful forms. Here's how it works: You suspend the object to be cleaned in a steel bucket of water, then hook the negative lead from a battery charger to the object

Using Cast-off Casters

Taking up space in my "junk drawer" were a quantity of heavy swivel l^y casters with bolt ends. Since I needed a roller stand I drilled holes on 3-in. centers in a piece of angle iron and mounted the casters so they were all the same height. I then attached the back of the angle iron to a 2x6 and screwed the whole assembly to a sawhorse. I adjusted the height so the rollers were level with the tablesaw or a fraction below it. I use the stand not only when ripping, but when cross-cutting long boards as well. The long row of casters gives just the added support needed.

Frank Mi 1ms Wescosville, PA

If you've ever found it frustrating to drill a hole in the end of a dowel you'll appreciate this simple jig, which fits in a machinist's vise. To make it, simply drill partial holes in a block of wood so about Wt in. of each dowel will be exposed when you slide it into a hole. It's best to use Forstner (rim-guided) bits, since they'll cut clean holes at the edge of the block. If Forstner bits are scarce, clamp a piece of scrap wood to the edge of the jig and drill with a powerbore or paddle bit. When using the jig, put a wood pad between the dowel and the steel vise jaw so the jaw doesn't mar the surface of the dowel.

Tim Green Lancaster, CA

battery charger

Connect negative lead to object.

Connect positive lead to bucket

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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