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spacer blocks plywooo arm

Clamp plywood arm and spacers to bench.

Wedge holds pencil in place.

I n a»*riiil»lr platform to hoae. fir-t slide platform eliaiiin*! sideways (left) onto the fixed dovetail block until long axis is centered oil slide bar groove, then insert slide bar (above).

ment for two dovetail blocks, one fixed and one conncctcd to an adjustable slide bar. The slide bar, in turn, is clamped securely by a hardwood lockstrip.

Begin by marking out the locations of the fixed dovetail block and the dovetail grooves for the slide bar and the lockstrip. First rout a '¿-in-deep by 1-in.-wide dovetail groove for the lock-strip in the underside, about 3 in. from the edge, using a straightedge or a router fence as a guide. This groove should extend about 3 in. past the ccn-tcrline of the base. Then make a dovetailed hardwood lockstrip and slip it into the groove, flush with the bottom surface of the base.

Clamp the lockstrip in place, turn

I n a»*riiil»lr platform to hoae. fir-t slide platform eliaiiin*! sideways (left) onto the fixed dovetail block until long axis is centered oil slide bar groove, then insert slide bar (above).

the base face-up and rout the groove for the slide bar perpendicular to the lockstrip groove and centered on the long centerline of the base, cutting through the lockstrip. Make the dovetail slide bar about 18 in. long. You'll need about 40 in. for the slide; set the rest aside for the dovetail blocks. (More on this later.) The exact length of the slide isn't critical, but the fit of the dovetail should be just barely snug, not ttx) tight.

Finally, install a suitcase latch, available at most hardware stores, on the lockstrip. Be sure the cam action of the latch clamps the lockstrip firmly onto the slide bar and prevents it from moving. (See Fig. 1.) Any slippage in use will spoil your ellipse.

Make the dovetail blocks next, as shown in Fig. 1. The blocks should slide in the cliannels with no sideplay. File all sharp edges of the block slightly so they won't catch as they slide back and forth across the gap in the center of the channel assembly.

To attach the blocks to the base and slide bar, first drill and counterbore the dovetail blocks for *8-32 by \lMn. round-head machine screws and washers. (See section view, Fig. 1.) I coun-terbored with a '¿-in. Forsuier bit. then used a %*in. drill bit for the clearance holes, and chased the holes with my *8 screws and a power screwdriver to produce a zero-tolerance fit.

I used threaded inserts in the base and slide bar for attaching the dovetail blocks. To install these, first push the slide bar all the way in, then mark and drill two ^-in.-dia. holes, one in the base and one in the slide bar, exactly 2 in. apart. Any closer and the blocks will not clear each other when they rotate. Screw the threaded inserts into these holes flush with the surface of the base and slide bar.

Rub all surfaces of the dovetail blocks with paraffin, then screw them down snug to the base and slide bar with the *8 machine screws. A drop of thrcad-


STEP 1: To determine slide setting, subtract minor axis length from major axis length. Iln this example, 30 in. -10 in. = 20 in.)

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