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machine's welded steel chassis. I bought the optional floor stand, but you could also mount the JS 1010 on a workbench. The heart of the tool is the router carriage. It clamps around most 3'/2-in. to 4,/i-in.-dia. router motors and travels up to 23 in. laterally and 4 in. vertically. Maximum plunge travel is \ XA in. A cushion of air, fed to the router carriage from a reserve tank makes the router feci weightless during vertical cuts.

It took about four hours to get the JS 1010 up and running, with half that time going into fitting the router in the carriage and getting everything parallel. I had to file the nylon pads in the router carriage to get my router to fit.

Oncc set up, the JS 1010 is simple to operate. Finit, clamp your workpiccc to the plywood tabic with the quick clamps provided. Next attach a template to the template holder bar, and set the stylus height and depth of cut using the direct-reading scales. Then turn on the router and move the router carriage to make your cut. For shaping or molding operations, lock the router in place on the guide bars, install the fence, and use the JS 1010 like a horizontal router table.

I tried the standard templates and features on the JS 1010 and found them accurate and easy to use. The guide rails do tend to deflect slightly in heavier cuts, and the dust collection chutc could be more effective, but overall, this is a well-thought-out, high-quality tool. It is ideal for light production work, although it can be used by woodworkers of all abilities. The demo video is a good investment at $4. (Price: JS 1010 $1,150; joint templates $13 45 ca.; stand $127.10; dust collection chute $29.50; fence $49; miter table $89.20; mobile base $117.85)

Stanfield Manufacturing Inc., Dept. AWT, 2730 1/ San Pedro NE, Albuquerque, NM 87/10, (505) 889-0022.


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