ends of the muntins, do that first so any tear-out will be removed when yon rout the profiles and rabbets. When coping, 1 pusli the stock with a rectangular plywood scrap 8 or 9 in. wide that rides against the fence.

Ell is Walcnt me

Associate editor

Exporting Timber... and Jobs

Q/'re read a lot about loggers being put out of work by environmental policies, isn't there some way to manage our timber resources without hurting people or the en i •iron ment?

Dale Richie Salem, OR

A Over the last two decades, many Third World countries have addressed this issue by curtailing log exports. Naturally, these restric tions cost some loggers their jobs, but many more new jobs were created as sawmills and manufacturing industries grew.

India is an excellent example. In the early 1970s the Indian government suspended exports of valuable East Indian rosewood logs and severely restricted lumber exports as well. This policy increased demand for finished goods and led to more responsible logging practices aimed at sustaining yields.

In the United States, logging lobbies, which oppose any restrictions on log exports, overlook the fact that our wood industries lose jobs because they can t compete in world markets. Countries like Japan and Germany buy our timber at bargain-basement prices, then manufacture products for sale back to us at artificially low prices. They reap what we've sown.

Dick Boale


Nazareth, PA

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