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This jig lets you use a '/¿-in. dia. straight bit to rout dadoes from in. to 1 Vz in. wide in boards up to 12 in. wide. The jig has an adjustable fence so you can tailor dado width precisely. That's a big help when the V»-in. plywood shelf that will fit in your dado is actually in. thick.

The jig base should be 5 in. wider than your router base diameter.

To use the jig. set the adjustable fence for the desired dado width. With a 6-in. diameter router base and a x/i -in. straight bit, the width of the dado will equal the distance between the fences minus V/z in. Clamp the jig on the stock with the fixed fence to your left and the cleat against the stock's edge. (See photo.) Begin and end with the bit in the notch in the cleat, so it's clear of your stock.

Router stops against "hook".

radius of the router bit). Align the stop gauge line with the stop mark. Clamp the jig in position, flip up the flap and run the router along the guide edge until it stops against the "hook" on the jig.

Flap width equals radius of router base.

Radius of router base.

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