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to broaden your woodworking interests and try new skills. To me, a shop without an interesting scrap pile is like a refrigerator without any snacks.

But if you can't store scrap efficiently and use it regularly, it will accumulate to choke you.

Weeding Out

Controlling your scraps should be a routine, painless part of your work, not an involved distraction. Don't fret over "wasting" obviously useless stuff.

Condemn it to the trash or burn pile immediately. Then put the good wood back into storage, separating out any knotty, waney, warped or twisted scrap until you can deal with it all at once—such as when you're about to change knives and sawblades.

While your planer and jointer knives are chipped, you can plane twisted or dirty wood down to a clean surface, ensuring your rc-sharpcned knives will have a longer life. This also pertains to sawing. When a tablcsaw blade starts to cut poorly, use it to make the rough cuts you'd normally avoid—dirty wood, hard knots and hark inclusions. Remember, though, it's dangerous to cut with an extremely dull blade.

This strategy will take care of 90 percent of your scrap, but what about the rest? Consider a short mahogany board left over from a job. You know you'll be working oak for the next six months and don't have any mahogany projects in mind. What to do? Experience tells me you should probably bite the bullet and get rid of it. Otherwise, you'll still have it five years from now. along with 20 other odd boards you don't know what to do with. So make a quick box. or even an oak-mahogany chesslxiard. Or trade it for a piece of the wood you'll be working. Any woodworking club should have a newsletter or a bulletin board featuring trades.


Your shop probably specializes in a particular kind of raw material, whether it's sticks, boards, sheets or chunks. There's no best way to store things, but your strategy should be built around the stuff vou work with

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