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Icall these structures lire palaees because they arc built to buru—they're designed for die single purpose of releasing the stored energy of the sun.

The basic lire palace runs 18 in. to i ft. tall and is constructed like a log cabin. (See-photos.) Lirger strips go near the bottom, thinner ones on top. and shavings and smaller pieces go inside as kindling. Dollops of glue, placed where side pieces overlap, hold it all together.

Once aflame, a fire palace can bum for up to 50 minutes and produce I (Ml. flames. A spectacular setting for a firing is in the middle of a pond, where the reflection off the water doubles the fiery effect. To set a palace afloat. 1 contrive a barge of plywood with a 2 x 4 edge and a sand bed.

Try a fire palace at your next picnic, or take a box of pans along with you on your next vacation and assemble one as a family project. Kids love to be architects/sculptors for the few hours it takes to construct one. ▲

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