Chisels For Dovetails

A cualoiii-made sah handle will feel heiter, and provide more accurate control. And it look* great loo.

Ik* a problem with regular chisels. I've gotten around it by regrinding two chisels to create custom tools.

The triangular-section chisel (see drawing) is good for cleaning out the acute corners of the tails. You can make one by grinding a 1 .-in. bench chisel so the sides are o and the cutting edge is 20".

The spear-point chisel has a ¡0° angled point (20° on each face), and a 20 cutting angle. (See drawing.) It's great for cleaning up tight corners, (¿rinding the point angle can be a bit tricky, but it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to do the job.—M.ft.

Sheet metal template» make marking the tail* quick and accurate.

Exposed Hedged tenoiu uiid chamfered edge* give tliia simple mirror frame-ail understate«! elegance.



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