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Where's Tkat Router Jig?

My compliments on the fine article on building a router table (aw *24). The article was timely and helped firm my plans. The only thing I'd like to see as a follow-up is the Icrosscuttingl jig that was mentioned.

Dan Green Crofton, KY

See the accompanying drawing for the router jig.

Saw Safety Follow-up

I read with interest your article on tablcsaw safety (aw *27). It is time someone spoke out about blade guards and anti-kickback devices being dangerous in certain conditions. There is another safety problem on the tablcsaw I have never read about. That is reaching across the blade trying to catch your expensive-wood before it falls to the floor. I mounted a plywood platform on the rear of my saw for small stuff and have a long one with a support leg for long stuff. 1 am amazed that no manufacturer has offered this.

RolanJ D. Riwsi Gladwin, MI

Chain That Kev

I have a Makita 12-in. planer which I have used for the better part of a year with good results. The other night, though, while surface planing some ■S-in. oak, the on-off switch safety key vibrated out of its slot and fell on the infeed side of the oak board. What followed was a loud commotion and the demise of the planer blades. All owners of these planers should install a safety chain to keep the key out of trouble, and Makita should redesign this safety system.

Steven A. Hays Mason City, 1A

HVLP Sprayer Review I'd like to draw attention to some omissions and inaccuracies in your "HVLP Sprayer" article (aw *28).

It is not correct to state that you get "orange peel" finish by having too much air. "Orange peel" is caused by spraying the coating too thick, using the wrong size jet/needle/air cup Icombinationl or having insufficient power at the turbine.

Water-based coatings must be sprayed straight from the can. This means you need a more powerful turbine to atomize them. A three-stage turbine producing 6 psi is the minimum to do a good, consistent job [with water-based finishes].

Many water-based coatings contain chemicals that attack metal parts in the spray gun and cup. It is essential that a spray gun featuring stainless steel fluid parts be used. Apollo sprayers offer a Teflon cup not to make cleaning easy, as suggested, but to prevent corrosion caused by these chemicals. Only two of the 11 spray guns tested meet this standard.

Buying an HVLP sprayer is a good investment. I suggest your readers shop around and acquaint themselves with all the facts. If you buy a g<xxl one it will give you many years of reliable service.

Join» B. Darrocli President A poll i Sprayer Inc.

Antique Tool Section?

Since most woodworkers seem to have an obsession wTith tools, I would like to see either a special section or a regular section in your magazine on classic, unique and antique tools used by craftsmen of old. I have a trunk of tools used by my carpenter grandfather and enjoy just looking at them and holding them and thinking about the labor and satisfaction from their work. Even a section on their history and current value might expand your audience.

Gene Femrite Slidkopee, MN

Moser Suit Off Base

I find it interesting that you classify Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers as a "David" in its lawsuit vs. Hardin Furniture Co. (aw *27). Moser has more than 80 employees and a reputed gross income in excess of $6 million. I also think Moser is off base. The man has written and published books with measured drawings of his designs. (If someone copies them) what does he expect? And how docs he protect a basically indigenous design concept?

John McAlcvcv

Warner, NH

Runner rides against edge of router table.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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