from the 19th century hut little is

known about their origins or makers. Three boxes (photos, below) are attributed to Absalom Bixler, a potter who worked in Denver, Pennsylvania. Bixler s carvings were the liveliest and best executed of all the boxes. The work shows imagination and a delightfully warped sense of humor. One of the Bixler boxes features three animals—a rat, a bird and a snake—that leap out together, side-by-side. Ouch!

As I was working on this article, my friend Mike stopped in. "I have a box like that," he said. The next day he brought in a small soapstonc box from Africa. When I opened the lid. a serpent popped out. The mechanism was identical to the boxes from Pennsylvania. Curiouser and curiouser. How did nasty boxes migrate from an African village to a Pennsylvania farm? Or vice versa? The world may never know.

The real motivation behind all my scholarly research? I plan to stuff a few stockings with nasty boxes this Christmas. Let's see, there's that nice man from the Internal Revenue Scrvicc, the mechanic who screwed up my van, my acupuncturist (Hey, maybe he'll want some as calling cards!), my mother-in-law____ A

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