Bruce Leviue New York, NY

Hand-Saver Handle

The I)owcl-lt dowelling jig is a useful, versatile tool but it has flaws: The handle is too small and its sharpness hurts the hand when tightened. After suffering this minor annoyance for years I finally made a wooden handle long enough to apply the necessary torque. The two halves of this new handle slip over the steel pin and attach with wood screws.

Not so Dusty

To improve the dust collection on my tablesaw I used duct tape to seal all the seams around the clean-out door and between the floor and stand. I also closed the gap for the tilting arbor wheel with a piece of slotted rubber that's attached with duct tape. The suction is so strong now that it actually helps hold the wood down on the table!

C.l enn Hughes Em maun, PA

Fold ing Sandpaper—Again

I like David Hurd's method of folding sandpaper (aw *28). Here's another way that a local boatbuilder showed me. You cut the sandpaper halfway through and then fold it as shown. It makes a nice, thick pad and nowhere is the grit nibbing against itself.

Madel eine Joll nson Halifax, Nm'a Scotia

Knou a bener way ot dninji something? IX*-Mgned a dever jig? Send your wcxxlworking tips. along wiih a skeich or a snapshot to: •Tech Tips." Amijikan Wcx>i>wokkw, 33 E-MinorSu Eminaus. PA 1809«. We ll pay ymi $50 if wc publish your tip.

Queen Anke

Tilt-Top Table

The Top Tilts for Display and Rotates for Use

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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