dovetails is to use a 12-tpi saw that has no set and features a custom handle made to fit my hand. (See photo, right.) With the set removed, the saw produces a narrow kerf that rarely needs further clean-up. Also, it allows me to cut right up to the layout lines. Keep in mind that it takes a little practice to guide a "no-set" saw since it will have a greater tendency to bind.

To hammer out the set. remove the saw handle, sandwich the blade in heavy paper for protection and lay it on a Hat. metal surface (a machine table will do). Then lightly tap the teeth, hammering down the length of the blade and back again. Turn the saw blade over and repeat the operation. When done, check the blade for stiaightncss.

Chisels for Dovetails

Paring waste in the tight corners and sharp angles of dovetail joints can

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