by the chuck! Inspect all glue joints each time you reposition, and reinforce any questionable ones with cyanoacrylate glue.

Turning Interior Ornaments

Compared with hollowing the ball, the interior ornaments are pretty simple. Turn a 1-in. dia. cylinder of light or dark wood, and mark it laterally on three index points (120°). Use a !>in. dia. brad-point bit and hand-held drill to bore three holes into the center to create an open area. (Sec photo, opposite page.) Then simply round the outside of the drilled area, and turn two decorative ends. Size the ornament so it can be mounted upright inside the main ball yet will Ix* visible through the six windows. Then sand and finish the ornament. If you like, turn an even smaller ornament to fit inside this piece.

Turning Decorative Spindles

To turn the decorative spindles for the main ornament, mount a H-in. dia. blank between centers or in a chuck. Turn it round, and part one end down

Turning Christmas Ornaments
Turn the decorative spindle* for the main ornament l»ctwecn center*. A '/i-in. dia. tenon turned on one end fit* the center hole of the ornament.

to a Vvin. dia. tenon, about -u. in. long. The design for this piece is up to you. Traditionally, the bottom spindles are 3 in. to 4 in. long and consist of several coves and beads, followed by tapered points. The top piece is generally shorter, about 1 in. long. It's primarily a means of fastening the hanging device. For the best lit against the ornament ball, undercut the shoulder of each tenon slightly. Before taking the piece off the lathe, bore the tenon end for the hanger for the interior ornament. I also find it's easier to spray the piece with lacquer while it's on the lathe, then pan it oft' after the finish dries.

When you complete the two spindles, sand and finish the main ornament ball. To remount it, turn a tapered tenon on a piece of scrap mounted on a faceplate, chuck, or screw center. Shape it to fit the '/»-in. hole you bored on the original axis of the ball. Then use your tailstock with a 60° live center to hold the ball lightly on the tenon. Sand the ball, being careful not to flatten or distort the window openings. I sand to 320 or 400 grit, and then finish with a clear lacquer.

Decorating the Ornament

To dress things up a bit, you can use sterling-silver hardware to mount the various pieces of the ornament. Sections of earring wires, or just plain silver wire, work well, or you can buy prefabricated connectors, called findings, that jewelers use (available from local jewelry suppliers, or Rio Grande

Jewelry Supply, 6901 Washington St. NE. Albuquerque. NM 87109).

You assemble all the parts of the ornament at the same time. First, fasten a small silver loop or eye to the tenon you cut on the top spindle and fix it in place with cyanoacrylate glue. Tlien glue the tenon into the 1 r-in. hole in the top of the main ball. This should leave the silver loop exposed inside the top of the ball. Make small hooks for the tops of the ornaments and affix them.

If you've made a tiny ornament to hang inside the small ornament, you'll need a loop for it, too. Hang the smallest ornament in the center of the middle one, and hang the middle one in the large laminated ball. Keep everything centered, so the ornament will hang straight. Finally, glue the bottom tenon into the large ball and attach a string to the silver loop on the top for hanging.

It's easier to turn several ornaments at once rather than a single one. And they are a most popular Christmas present, to be shared and cherished among family and friends. ▲

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