tually. Or you could make sets of rectangular building blocks.

You could glue up carving blocks such as those used for decoys. If you don't feel like getting into carving yourself. you can sell the blocks to the nearest art supply store.

A computer-printed label and a professional-looking package will aid sales and give the product respectability. Mesquite scrap for barbecues sells rapidly around here, partly because it's packaged in a neat, attractive bag. Your hickory chunks (or apple, alder or whatever other wood will make fla-vorsome smoke) could sell in a similar fashion.

Even if you personally don't want to sell the work, you can give it to a church fair or other charitable event and earn an income tax deduction.

(»ctting down to the ultimate scrap, planer and jointer shavings make good animal bedding, with the notable exception of toxic woods such as walnut and a lot of exotics. And sawdust can make mulch, or be bagged as aromatic sachets.

Or forget profit and just build good will. I heard of one guy who gave his friends toilet seats, presumably made from mitered scraps assembled into a ring. He could safely say his friends thought of him regularly.

Whatever vou decide, the main trick is to make scrap management as routine as machine maintenance or sweeping the tloor. Good habits make the rest of life more enjoyable—that's whv we bother with them. ▲

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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