about the destruction of the rainforests. But rather than simply refusing to use endangered species, he-started a company that, he claims, markets "ecologically safe" alternative species.

Wise Wood Inc. sells domestic and imported species that come from sustainable sources. Imported trees are approved by the Rainforest Alliance, while domestic species carry Leahy's personal endorsement, which he awards after inspecting each mill s logging practices.

Leahy was a professional woodworker for 20 years before opening Wise Wood last July. He sees the company as the best way to save the forests. "Boycotting endangered species doesn't help," he says, "because that's just telling the people in the rainforests,'what you have has no value so you might as well burn it and graze cattle or grow crops on the land.' " Instead, his company shows land owners how valuable the forest can be over the long term if they learn how to manage it wisely.

So far. Wise Wood's prices for small quantities of domestic wood are higher than you'd pay for uncertified lumber. But prices for imports are competitive now. For example, he can sell granadillo, sometimes referred to as Mexican rosewood, for less than S10 a board foot, plus shipping costs. And he'll sell as little as one board.

For more information, contact Wise Wood. Box 1271, McHenry, IL 60050 (815) 344-4943.

Nothing Runs Like a (Wooden) Deere

Wooden canoe? Of course. Wooden car? Well, mavbe. But a working wooden tractor?

It made sense to Clayton Hannah of Camdenton, Missouri. He built this gas-powered tractor and spreader after seeing plans for a much smaller stationary one in a toy catalog. Hannah's pine and cedar machine is built around a lawn mower transaxle and is powered by a 3,/i hp gas engine. The tank sitting in the spreader holds compressed auto blow the okl steam whistle that's mounted on the tractor.

Hannah doesn't put his creation to use in the field, but he has ridden it in three parades and won best entry each time. When it 's not at the head of the parade, he keeps it on display at his local museum.

Franklin Gottshall Diesat89

Franklin H. Gottshall, a well-known woodworking writer and educator, died May 25 in his hometown of Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

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