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Kity (pronounccd "kitty") is a French manufacturer that produces only machinery for home workshops and small production shops. Its K5 "machining center" consists of three separate machines, all mounted to a small platform. A single 1 hp motor powers one machine at a time. To change from one machine to another, you simply flip a small flat drive belt onto the pulley of the desired machine.

The K5 is designed to provide the same five basic functions as the larger European machining centers, but on a smaller scale and at half the price of the least-expensive competitor.

The K5's portability is its most popular asset. Several owners said they bought the machine expressly for job-site work.

Another nice feature is the layout of the individual machines on the platform. The jointer/planer is mounted lower than the level of the tablesaw so it won't interfere with saw operations,

Kity Woodworking Machine

and the shaper swivels to allow clearance for jointer/planer operation.

Every owner that I surveyed found the 8-in. til ting-table tablesaw least useful of the five functions. They thought it was underpowered and difficult to adjust. The standard machine doesn't have any cranks or levers to raise, lower or tilt the table, but an optional table-elevating lever is available for $39.95. You can extend the rip and outfecd capacities with optional sup port tables ringing in price from about $180 to S480. The K5 I tested produced an excellent cut but I had to feed thick stock slowly. A clever right-angle miter gauge is standard.

The V*-in. spindle shaper performs well and has a convenient hold-down system, but there is no micro-adjustment on the fence.

I was impressed with the 6-in. jointer/planer, which produces a beautiful surface and has two disposable, double-edged knives that arc easy to set.

One limitation is the left-hand (counterclockwise) rotation of the mortising/boring chuck, which requires special drilling and mortising bits available only from the distributor.


The K5 will produce professional results in a very small amount of space. It is suitable for hobbvists of all skill

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