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Woodworkers love jigs because of the big payoff for the time and effort invested.

In this article we feature four router jigs that appear in the new book. The Woodworkers (¡aide to Making and I'si tig Jigs, fixtures and Setups, by David Schiff and Kenneth S. Burton Jr. (1992. Kodalc Press. Inc. 33 E. Minor St.. 1-mmaus. PA 18098.)

Two of the jigs are for making mortises and two for dadoes, so they'll get a real workout in your shop.

There's no need to get lancy with the appearance of these jigs, hut accuracy in construction w ill pay off in Halting accuracy when you put them to work. Make them from hardwood and hardwood plywood, and assemble the jigs with glue and screws. The drawings and photos show the hardware you'll need and explain how the jig* go together.

For offset mortises, adjust spacer width accordingly. The height of the spacer (vertical dimension on drawing) must equal the width of the workpiece.

Making spacers for each new setup may sound inconvenient, but I use the same setups again and again. Once I've made a spacer. I label it and hang it up for future use. (Sec photo.)

Size fence to fit under router handles.

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