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During glue-up, use the template as a spacer to determine the width of the bar "mortis*?/*

Glue cork pressure pads to tongues to keep clamps from slipping.

the heel, using the width of the template as a spacer to create the "mortise" for the bar. (See photo.) The heel will project beyond the end of the head assembly at this point, but you will cut off the waste later.

Now lay the template on the assembled head and drill the dowel pin hole. With that done you can trace, then banclsaw the tongue slit. Follow up with a freehand cut to widen the original slit to increase the flexibility of the tongue.

Slip the cam into place and try the action, making adjustments to the cam profile if needed. If you have to reshape the cam consistently, modify your template.

Next, remove the cam, cut off the protruding heel, and dress the edges of all clamp parts to remove glue beads. Insert the cam again and secure the dowel with a tiny drop of glue—you might want to drive it out later for repair or adjustment.

Parts formed from V4-in plywood.

Adjust bar length to suit your needs.

You can make this clamp with one fixed head if you want, but I like to leave both heads free. This way I can use them on bars of various lengtlis, making it easier to fit the clamp into tight spaces. Sand the bar to thickness to produce a good sliding fit.

You can easily make one clamp at a time, or rough-cut and stockpile die stan-dani-size pieces until you liave a bagful. The cam heads don't even need to be on a bar. The router jig shown on page 30 has a couple screwed to die bottom to hold the work in place. ▲

Space equals width of clamp bar "mortise".

Overall length and width of template art same as clamp cheek.

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