Forest Debate Continues

Re: Tracy W. Buhlcr s criticism of your editorial on old growth forests (aw »27). I would like to see a series of articles showing the current state and future prospects of our forests. [For example,! why do we export raw logs to Japan and elsewhere when our own mills are idle? Whv do

our mills refuse to eut the metric sizes in demand around the world? Is the current trend of using only rainforest wood from approved spots helpful, or is it better to educate that [leaving the rainforest intact] is the best use of the land?

Glenn VT.Griffin Jr.

Litchfield, OH Low Grades for Test

Your article on "Aftermarket Fences" (aw «28) was well written and informative. However, I must take issue


with [testingl side dellection by applying a 104b. side load at the back edge of the saw table. The test should be performed near the front of the blade and the front edge of the table, where workpiece support and stability arc most critical. Once the cut is made, the job of the fence is basically completed.

The Delta Unifence is designed to support the workpiece in these areas. To illustrate this point, we re-enacted the article's side load test. Our results follow: back edge of table—0.01 Vin. deflection; near the front of blade— 0.0025-in. deflection; front edge of table—less than 0.0005-in. deflection.

Mark RSchieier

Marketing manager What's on your mind? Wc value vour

comments, complaints and eorree-tions. Send your letters to: "Editor," American Woodworker. 33 E. Minor St.. Emmaus, PA 1809H.


Re: "HVI.P Sprayers" (vw -28). Apollo Sprayer specifications were for the 3-year-old "*()() model, not the 7<M)+ listed. Also the gun mentioned was an older model that has been discontinued. The new gun has a narrower trigger and produces a spray pattern from 1. in. to 2 i in.

Specifications for the Wagner FineC.oat did not include the turbine rating, which is « PSI at i" CFM and failed to mention that the spray pattern can be adjusted at the air cap.

Re: "Sanding Dust anil Your Health" (avi «25). Canadian readers should call 513-533-8328 for a copy of the NIOSH report, "Health Effects of Exposure to Wood Dust: A Summary of the Literature.

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