Router Debris

I built the router table in Woodsmith No. 20, and was happy unth the design until I ran into a problem. A chip of wood dropped down into my Sears router, and the fan blades started to break off. Then the fan blades fell down into the armature, causing the entire unit to self destruct!

I'm guessing that with the amount of wind that's generated by the fan, the wood chip may have fallen into the fan when the unit was turned off, but I'm not sure. A word of caution would have alerted me to this possibility. I know that you can't think of everything, so please pass the word along.

Eric Jensen Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

We've heard this comment from several readers, and to be honest, we've had the same thing happen to our Sears router.

I think that part of the problem is in the fan blades of the Sears routers. I'm not sure whether it's a design problem, or just a case of using poor quality steel to make the fan blades. The reason I suspect the Sears router itself is because we haven't had any problems with either the Makita or the Porter Cable routers (which have been used more than the Sears model).

In the end, I guess it's a trade-off between having the added versatility of a router table versus the chance of debris entering the motor and causing damage.

And as you mentioned, the most likely time for debris to enter the motor is when it's not running. To help prevent this I try to take the time to clean off the top of the router table after each use. The small amount of time it takes is well spent.

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