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Arch-Top Headboard 6

This heirloom-quality project features a handsome arched molding and matching solid wood panels. But don't worry, we'll show you the simple steps used to build it.

Straight-Top Headboard 15

We've simplified the design of the arch-top headboard for a classic-looking straight-top version with all the same fine details.

Arched Molding 16

If you thought making curved molding meant having years of experience and industrial-sized equipment, take a look at the straightforward technique we came up with.

Arch-Top Bookends 18

These simple bookends allow you to try out some of the same techniques used on the arch-top headboard. And with some scrap hardwood and MDF you can build them in a weekend.

5 Quick Pro Paint Tips 22

Here are five fast tips you can use the next time you finish a project with spray paint. Plus, check out two "canned" faux finishes.

Installing a Half-Mortise Lock 24

Adding the right hardware, like a half-mortise lock, can turn an ordinary project into an heirloom. And we'll show you how.

Paneled Blanket Chest 26

A paneled front, dovetailed drawers that stand proud and bracket feet give this blanket chest an impressive look.


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Shop Notes 23

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