To download a free Cutting Diagram for the queen-size headboard, go to:


At this point, the headboard is essentially complete. But there are still a couple odds and ends to wrap up.

BACK. To cover the frame openings in back, I added a V4" plywood back panel (N), as in Fig. 17. Like the frames earlier, it's sized to overhang the openings V2" on each side. And to create the curve on top, I used the half-pattern that was used to draw the curve on the top rail earlier.

MOUNT TO BEDFRAME. Once the panel is screwed to the frame, all that's left is to mount the headboard to a metal bedframe. As you can see in Fig, 17b, I did this with threaded inserts, hex head screws, and washers. Have someone hold the headboard up and set the end of the frame against it so you can mark the position of the mounting slots on the posts. Then you can lay the headboard down and install the inserts. (I added two to each side.) E3

Queen-size '-—bedframe

Threaded insert

Queen-size '-—bedframe

Threaded insert


A Post Faces (4) 3/4 x3V2- 54 rgh. B Post Sides (4) 1 x 2% - 54 rgh.

E Bullnose Trim Plates (4) 3/4 x 5% - 5% F Top Rail (1) 1 x 12 rgh. - 56

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