Kingsize Headboard

To modify this headboard for a king-size bed, I "stretched" the design so it's wider (and the curve slightly taller) than the queen-size version. But before you start, it's a good idea to measure your bedframe to make sure it will line up with the posts.

The procedure here will be the same as before, but a few dimen sions have changed. The blanks for the top and bottom rails (and molding) start out the same width, but now they're 68" long. The curve is slightly different too. (The half-pattern is provided below.) As for the panels, only the center panel is wider. The two outer panels are the same as on the queen-size bed.


For step-by-step instructions for drawing full-sized half-pattern, see page 23


To purchase a tiled, full-sized half-pattern for this headboard goto:


Straight-Top Headboard

As elegant as the arched molding looks on the headboard, removing the curves from the top rail and molding really makes the construction straightforward.

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