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Stub tenons join frame sides and back

Bullnose on front and sides of frame


A 3 fo" solid brass chest lock is fit into the case and lid.

Hardware & Finish

Now you're in the homestretch. There are just a few more details.

CHEST LOCK. After the lid was hinged, I could fit the brass chest lock, as in Fig. 16. To do this, you'll need to do a little bit of mortising. Fig. 16a shows how the lock mechanism fits into the case. When the lock is in place, it can be used to position the "link" thafs mortised into the lid. Adding the lock is discussed in the article starting on page 24. At this point, I did all the mortising, but I waited to install the lock until after the finish was applied.

LID CHAIN. The lid chain is an important item. It helps protects your hard work. Figs. 16 and 16b show where to position the chain brackets.

STAIN. Now after some final sanding, you're ready to apply a finish. But before you get ahead of yourself, you might want to think about using a stain. Normally I like the look of natural cherry. With just a clear finish, it gradually darkens to a nice, warm, reddish-brown color. But on my chest, I didn't have a very good color match between the plywood and the solid wood parts. So I decided to use a stain to blend everything together. I think it was worth the extra effort.

FINISH. I used one of my favorite finishes on the chest—Hope's Tung Oil Varnish. I like this product because even though you just wipe it on, it still has a good "build" with a nice sheen and provides plenty of protection. And it's very easy to apply. Just wipe on a full coat and then wipe off the excess. I let the chest dry overnight, sanded lightly, and gave it a second coat. Three coats are usually plenty. BS


Case Sides (2) Case Dividers (2) Drawer Runners (2) Corner Stiles (4) Bot./Mid./Upr. Rails (6) Upper Stiles (4) Lower Stiles (2) Upr. Small Panels (4) Upr. Mid. Panels (2) Lower Panels (2) Filler Strip Bottom Spacer

Base Frame Sides (2) Base Frame Back (1) Base Molding Cap Molding Cap Back (1) Panel Molding Drawer Sides (4)

3/4 ply. - 11V4 x 11V2 % ply. - 16V2 x 42 V2x 167/2 3/4 x 1 % - 11V2 3/4 x 1V2- 40 V4 % x1'/2- 8% 3/4 X 1 7/2 - 6 V8 V4 ply. - 8% x 9V2 Va ply. - 8% x 193/4 V4 ply. - 67/s x 193/4 V4 x % - 100 In. in. 3/4 x 1-120 In. in. 3/4 x 23/4 - 45 3/4x23/4- 19 3/4 X 1 3/4- 391/2 3/4 x H/J6 - 90 In. in. 3/4 x 1 % - 90 In. in.

3/4 X 15/16 - 41V8 1Vl6 x V2 - 140 In. in. V2 x SV4 - 16V4

Drawer Fronts/Backs (4) V2 xSV4- 18% Drawer Bottoms (2) V4 ply. - 167/e x 183/8 W Drawer Guides (2) 5/ie xl!6-15% X Drawer False Fronts (2) % x 5% - 18%

3/4 x 3/4-3 3/4 ply. - 14% x 40% 3/4X23/4-45 3/4 x 23/} - 19 3/4 x 2 3/4- 40 Va

Y Drawer Stops (4) Z Lid Panel (1) AALid Frame Frt. (1) BB Lid Frame Sides (2) CC Lid Frame Back (1)

• (1) 3V2" Chest Lock w/Escutcheon . (1) 15" Brass Chest Chain

. (38) #8 x 1V4" Fh Woodscrews . (8) #8x1" Rh Woodscrews . (8) #8 Washers

There are a number of Online Extras available for this blanket chest. For a limited time, you can download a free Cutting Diagram, step-by-step instructions and patterns for building the bracket feet, and information on the optional "ogee" base shown below. To see all of these extras, go to: www. Woodsmith. com


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