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Drawer Fronts/Backs (4) V2 xSV4- 18% Drawer Bottoms (2) V4 ply. - 167/e x 183/8 W Drawer Guides (2) 5/ie xl!6-15% X Drawer False Fronts (2) % x 5% - 18%

If you decide not to tackle the bracket feet, the "ogee" base, pic-tured at left, makes a nice alter-native. It's a little simpler and still has a classic look.

Lock link mortised into lid


Chain length

X Mortise in> / case for lock mechanism

Chain brackets are screwed to lid and case^

Horizontal escutcheon NOTE: covers For more keyhole on installing - . lock, see page 24

Cham stops lid at approx. 100


Measurements are to edge of chain brackets J

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