Post Sides


At each end of the headboard, there are sturdy 31/^"-square posts that will support the frame and panels. Instead of gluing up thick stock to create solid posts that would be heavy and have a lot of joint lines, I assembled each post from four pieces, as shown in the photo at left and in Fig. 1.

POST FACES & SIDES. What's a bit unusual about these posts is that the pieces are not all the same thickness, as you can see in Figs. 1 and la. The four post faces (A) in front and back are cut oversized in length and width from 3/4M-thick stock. But for the post sides (B), I used 5/4 stock so 1/2l,-deep grooves could be cut for some splines that will be used to connect the frame later. (The four side pieces can be cut to final width and rough length.)

Design Note: You will need quite a bit of 5/4 stock for this project, and while it can often be milled to 1 Vis" thick, I planed my stock down to an even 1" thick to remove any cupping and clean up the faces. You can leave your 5/4 pieces thicker, but the dimensions for the posts here are based on l"-thick stock.

To "wrap around" the sides, the face pieces need 3/8"-deep rabbets cut along each edge (Fig. la). But I was concerned that the face pieces might tip as these wide rabbets were being cut. So instead, I actually cut two grooves, as shown in Fig. 2. (This will work because the faces start out extra wide.) Then I flipped the faces over and trimmed enough off each edge so the rabbets matched the thickness of the sides (1"), as you can see in Fig. 2b.

Next, the grooves for the splines can be cut on one of the side pieces

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