Shaping A Long Curve

Creating a long curve doesn't take any special skills, but there are some tricks for getting it smooth and even.

After you have drawn the curve on the blank, the first step is to rough out this long curve with the band saw, as in Fig. 1 below. The trick here is to keep the blade just on the waste side of the line and still keep the workpiece moving steadily so the cut ends up as smooth as possible.

I tackle the cleanup in several steps. First, I quickly remove the saw marks at the drum sander, as in Fig. 2.

Next, you want to smooth out any inconsistencies in the curve with a cabinet file, as you can see in Fig. 3. Its width allows it to hit the high spots and "jump" across the depressions, gradually evening out the curve. Finally, I go back to the drum sander to smooth the marks left by the file.

Use file

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