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Laying Out a Symmetrical Curve

One of the challenges of the template. I mounted the Arch-Top Headboard (page 6) is laying out a large, symmetrical curve and having it look just right. The easiest way to do this is to draw a half-pattern on paper first Hie half-pattern makes getting a symmetrical finished piece automatic. All you have to do is flip it over and trace a mirror image.

To make the pattern, I laid out a 1" grid on a piece of paper at least half the size of the final curve. Then transfer the curve from the pattern on page 7 to the grid. The next thing to do is make a hardboard

Plywood Shadow

If you don't plan on staining the cherry Paneled Blanket Chest (page 26) you'll be able to see the inner veneers of the plywood panel in the shadow line. These exposed plies are lighter and look unfinished, as in the left photo.

To give it a "finished" look, I created a darker, more distinct shadow line, as you see in the far right photo. This is easy to do half-pattern to a piece of hardboard with spray adhesive. Then it can be cut out on the band saw, as in Fig 1. You'll want to cut to the waste side so it can be sanded smooth on the drum sander.

Now that the pattern's ready, you can lay it out on the workpiece, as in Fig. 2. But before you start cutting, take a step back and look at the entire curve. If you notice any flat spots or angles, you'll want to adjust the template. Once you're satisfied, you can begin cutting. £53

Line with a brown permanent marker. But you'll need to do it before attaching the hardwood edging.

By the way, you can't do this with stain (or a stain stick). The stain will wick up the edges of the plywood and cause surface streaking. And even if you use a marker it's still a good idea to test it on a scrap piece of plywood first just to be safe. E§

An unfinished shadow line exposes the lighter core of the plywood.

When the shadow line is stained darker, the effect is more dramatic.

An unfinished shadow line exposes the lighter core of the plywood.

When the shadow line is stained darker, the effect is more dramatic.

Chamfer Clean-up

When you rout a stopped chamfer, its end isn't symmetrical. If you take a look at the left workpiece in the photo, you can see that one side ends up a bit "flat" But here's a quick solution. Simply wrap sandpaper around a 1/2,,-dia. dowel and carefully sand the end, as shown in Fig. 1. It won't take much to get both sides looking the same. ES

Stopped chamfers look "flat," as in the left workpiece. So they need to be sanded to even out the end, like you see in the right workpiece.

Woodworking Technique

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