Dividers Top Bottom

Back edge of divider panel is flush with bottom of rabbet

(ji fau tongues on the ends of each one to lit in the dadoes you cut earlier in the side panels (detail 'a').

In order to allow the dividers to fit around the front molding, the front corners of each divider are notched, as shown in detail 'b.' You can cut these notches by nibbling away the bulk of the waste on the table saw, just like von see in the 1 low-To box below. But in order to get a precise fit, 1 pared away the remaining waste with a chisel. Check the fit with the side panel and front edging as you go along.

The goal here is for the dividers to slide into the dadoes and then into the notches vou cut earlier on the front molding, just as you see in detail 'b' and in the photo below.

Drill and countersink for #6 x iW Fh woodscrew

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