Side View

NOTE: Wood cleat is flush with side of face frame

Next, you'll want to find the Li-shaped tabs (detail 'a' at right) which have horizontal holes for adjustment to the front or back. These tabs are designed to flex during installation like you see illustrated in detail 'b'. They can be a real help when either the cabinet or drawers are not quite square.

Long, horizontal cutouts (shown in the illustration at the top right) make it easy to access the screw holes for installation. This lets you install and adjust the low- profile, self-tapping screws with the movable slide pushed in or out.

DRAWER COMPONENT. With the cabi net component installed, you can move on to installing the drawer component. Since this slide will be centered on the side of the drawer, you'll want to first mark the centerline on the side of the drawer and use this line as a reference when positioning the slide.

You'll notice that the drawer component has vertical holes in the slide (Figure 2). Because the drawer may need some adjustment to fit properly, these holes allow you to move the drawer up or down as needed. A cam adjustment at the end of the slide (detail 'a' at right) allows additional vertical adjustment of the drawer.

Once the slides are in place, you'll want them to stay that way. Drawer Component Features. Lifting the reiease lever separates the drawer component from So it's important to go back and the cabinet component. Vertical holes allow adjustment of the drawer up or down during instal-install any remaining screws. ESS lation A cam adjustment on some drawers allows for additional vertical adjustment

Wood Cleat for Face Frame Mount. Cabinet component mounted to a wood cleat The deat is sized to be flush with the face frame.

How To: Cabinets with a Face Frame

Face Frame Conversion Kit. Brackets se- Optional clip-on brackets can be cured to the face frame and the back of the used for mounting slides in cabi-cabinet line up the drawer slide properly. nets with face frames.

NOTE: Wood cleat is flush with side of face frame

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Cabinet Component Features. Horizontal U-Shaped tabs flex to compensate for a cabinet or drawer that may not be perfectly square You'll also find horizontal holes for front to back conventional mounting adjustments and round holes for 32mm mounting systems.

top view

Tab allows slide to be square with cabinet

Hole allows for adjustment --from front to back — -

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