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Shop-Built Sweeper

A lot of sawdust and debris ends up on my shop floor at the end of the day. I like to keep things clean with my shop vacuum but the nozzle that comes with the vacuum is much too small for the job.

To make it easier to clean the floor, l built a larger nozzle replacement, like you see in the photo at the right. It's simple to build from readily available materials.

I used 11/4"-dia. PVC pipe and fittings, as shown in the illustration below. You can make the nozzle as long and as wide as you want. But remember, the wider it gets the less suction you'll have.

I used the table saw to cut a V2"-wide uptake slot along the bottom side of the T-fitting and

5J .Ttrewf haj'd^MCij'

Bryan Strohman

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Qukk Thead Repair

* Stripping the threads in a bolt hole is aIways a frustrating experience. To fix it, you have to use some type of insert or retapthe hole and install a larger size bolt.

So whenever this happens, I have a simple light-duty repair to take care of the problem. The solution is quick and easy and doesn't require special tools.

The trick is to remove the bolt and then fill the hole with an adhesive compound such as J.B. Weld or Liquid SteeL

To keep the bolt from being glued in place, coat it with liquid soap. Then drive the bolt into the hole again and tet the adhesive compound set up (below left).

Once the compound has set, you can carefully back the bolt out again (below right). This works great for light-duty bolts. It's fast and simple and lets you get back to work on your project.

Biif Samufeson Fayettville, Arkansas

Adhexfcv cmpffùU^

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Tony Gaippe

Duck-billed Chisels

Have you ever trimmed wood plugs with a chisel only to have thecornerofthechisel dig into the workpiece? What began as a simple task, now requires some additional time sanding to make the surface smooth again. Well, I've found a way to prevent this from happening by altering some of my old chisels.

I simply took an old 1"-wide chisel I had laying around and made a radius around each of the corners (see the chisel on the left in the photo below). The round "duckbill" profile that I made on the corners allows me to trim wood plugs without the risk of the corners gouging the workpiece.

I've also found that rounding the corners of a V2"-wide chisel makes an excellent gouge (right chisel in photo below). The edge is easy to maintain and you'll find a number of uses for it. I use my gouge for shaping curved joints, making transitions between moundings, and whenever I need to add a small decorative touch to a project. This is also a great way to recycle some of your old or little-used chisels. You'll now be able to get them out of the drawer or the tool box and back into action where they really belong.

Cary Beckurith Rockville, Maryland more tips from our readers

Hinge Boring Jig

I planned to use concealed or "European" hinges for my kitchen cabinets. But the thought of measuring each hinge location almost changed my mind. That's when I made a jig to help speed up the drilling operation,

I used 3U" plywood for the base. And then attached a fence also made from plywood. Next, you'll want to locate a pair of wood stops along the fence so they center the drill bit over the center point of the hole to be bored.

Finally attach the stops to the fence using butt hinges (Fig. 1). Make sure the hinge barrel sits higher that the workpiece, so the workpiece can be positioned next to the fence for drilling.

Now, place the door against one stop and bore a hole {Fig. 1). Then flip down the other stop, reposition the door and repeat the process, as shown in Fig. 2.

Terry Walslxm Granbury, Texas

Hóle cmttrotl in torreii posiiton

S-mr ffcrrtef? ÍICJJe m (ori'atT pnytiaft

Metal tubing

Maít ic-Éth tiling triangula/

file a few teeth on one end with a triangular file (see photo at left). Then put the tubing in your drill press and simply drill out the area around the screw as illustrated in Fig. 1 below.

Finally remove the plug of wood with the broken screw. A new plug can be glued in the hole and a new screw driven in place.

Phil Westmm Valkjo, California

Broken S<rew Repair

A broken screw never comes at a convenient time. And when I can't extract the screw, I use an easy way to solve the problem.

To extract the screw, simply take a piece of metal tubing and

Metal tubing

Maít ic-Éth tiling triangula/

Duplicating Router Designs

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