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9 Use the spindle-roughing gouge to shape the mill body. Switch to a detail spindle-gouge or a skew for detail work like beads.

1 ASand the X Incompleted mill. Start with 120 or 150-grit if the turning went well. Continue sanding with finer paper up to 220 or 320-grit or until all scratches are removed.

nTurn the mill body tenon approximately 1/2-in. larger than the hole in the body. Cut the top and shoulder of the tenon clean and square with a parting tool or a skew.

1 OMountthe JL ^mill cap in the scroll chuck. Drill a flat-bottomed hole approximately 1/4-in. deeper than the length of the tenon on the mill body.

sometimes a bead at the top, where the cap and body will meet—but these are design questions for you, the maker.

14. With the detailing complete, remove the tool rest, put on a dust mask and sand until there are no visible scratches (Photo 10).

15. Before you remove the body from the lathe, finish the tenon area (Photo 11). The length is 3/8-in. to 1/2-in. The shoulder should be flat or slightly concave.

16. Remove the mill body and the waste block from the lathe.

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