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S, Lloyd Natof is one of a rare breed of craftsman who excels at both design and construction/ A purely self-taught woodworker, Lloyd began his woodworking career quite by accident, while studying jazz flute at DePaul : University. Like many college students, Lloyd needed some furniture but had no money, m Little did he know that a ■1 timely Christmas gift of a Jjjj circular saw and power drill ¡jES from his father would fill his " Jpj furniture needs and change f 1 his life. Armed with his J I new tools, Lloyd proceed- J| ' ed to fashion a futon bed and some bookcases out Jg: Jf of wood salvaged from a Mm' blown down fence. mlk People were so impressed, they offered ffiKj~, . to pay. Lloyd to build more. Well, the commissions kept coming JE

and Lloyd, who had ;

fond of the arts, found himself increasingly attracted to the more tactile medium of woodworking.

In 1989 he moved his shop from a ••saeicQorch to its current location in an"oIdtactcfy building on ^^ the near west #fe)e of

^CnicS^;Over tneyfe^rshe has created pieces for private collectors, architects, businesses and liturgical designers. His work has earned him a reputation for elegant design and precise craftsmanship. In 1995, Lloyd bought his first veneer press and now specializes in veneered furniture and casework.

Lloyd happens to be the great grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, a fact he consciously downplays as having any great influence on his work. It's possible that childhood summers spent playing at Taliesin, his great grandfather's home, have had some subliminal influences on his designs. But as a self-isughi woodworker Lloyd Natof is ¡aryoiy free of thastrong irrftience a nas-to- (or even a famous great grand-father) can have on an apprenttce's work

Cascade Table

African mahogany veneer and solids ti « There is a long tradition of veneering that I see myself a part of. With modern techniques and materials, many of the vulnerabilities historically associated with veneer can be minimized. I find it to'vbe an ideal material for cabinets and love using burl and other nonlinear veneers in unusual wars, t

B/K ConsoleTable, mahogany, ebony veneer and solids, oak drawers, hand carved paduak pulls

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B/K ConsoleTable, mahogany, ebony veneer and solids, oak drawers, hand carved paduak pulls

Peck Table, walnut veneer and solids, aluminum and glass

Peck Table, walnut veneer and solids, aluminum and glass

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