Foil Tape

Panty-Hosed Vac

For years, my shop vacuum's best friend has been a discarded pair of panty hose. I cut a section from the upper part and slip it over the vac's pleated filter. The panty hose acts as a pre-filter, keeping out large particles that can quickly clog the pleated filter. Once the filter is clogged, a shop ^ M

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Miter Saw Dust Catcher

Before I built this containment box, my compound sliding miter saw spewed dust all over, even when it was connected to my dust collection system. Simply built from leftover materials, the box is designed to corral both airborne dust and sawdust sent behind the saw. It works very well. My box features a concave back that's shaped to match the saw's swing and baffles angled to accommodate 45-degree cuts. A curved top baffle completes the enclosure. Cleats hold these 1/4-in. hardboard parts in position. A hose connected to the saw's port directs dust to the bottom of the box, which has a hole with an attached port to connect my shop vacuum's hose. The saw's power cord runs through a hole in the top, which is sealed with duct tape.

Todd Reimer

Low-Tech Air Scrubber

I turned an old box fan into an air scrubber by encasing it in a box with a pair of 20-in. by 20-in. furnace filters. I use an inexpensive filter on the infeed side to remove large particles. This filter fits loosely in its slot; ^/vhen the fan runs, the airflow draws it tight against the fan. On the outfeed side, a 3M micro-allergen filter captures tiny particles. This filter fits^g slot snugly, so dusty jair can't escape. TheifaSimnf5£pj^jtaoily whfrt I'm ¡qjjiy shop. I change the filters regularly, whenever I notice a decrease in air flow, and qlso at the end of every big project. A large dowel glued over the on-off switch makes the fan easier toturn on and off.

Rob MouseI

Any-Which-Way Dust Blower

The factory-supplied dust blower for my scroll saw wouldn't stay in position, so I replaced it with snap-loc coolant hose (see Sources, below). Now I can position the hose anywhere I want it, including up and out of the way.

To attach the hose to the saw, I snapped on a connector and pressed it into a piece of 1/2-in. copper tube. The copper tube was a little large for the saw's blower fitting so I caulked the joint and tightened the tube down with a small machine

Mark Thiel


McMaster-Carr, (609) 223-4200, Snap-Loc Any-Which-Way Coolant Hose with connectors, 13"-long, 5307 K76. $9 \

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