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JDS Dust Force

18 American Woodworker novembeer 2007

No-Wobble Pen Mandrel

18 American Woodworker novembeer 2007

While turning wooden pens, students in my woodshop classes kept wearing out the points on the live centers of our mini lathes. The points fit into the hollowed end of the pen mandrel. If the mandrel isn't clamped tight enough between the lathe's head and tailstock, it spins on the point and wears it out (left photo). A worn-out point allows the mandrel to wobble and makes it impossible to turn the pen blanks.

To keep the classes running smoothly, I had to solve the problem right away. So I removed the worn-out points and installed wooden plugs tapered to fit inside the lathes' live centers. Each plug contains a brass pen sleeve that perfectly houses the mandrel (middle photo). These plugs are perfect for occasional use, but I needed a more permanent solution.

I had a machinist friend make these cone-shaped brass nuts that thread onto the mandrel (bottom photo). The cone shape matches the live center's large tapered opening. This nut installs easily and centers itself every single time.

Tom Bockman

American Woodworker november 2007 19

... The Best Wood Glue Ever

Tight Knobs

Drawer knobs that work loose and spin around drive me crazy. So instead of drilling a hole through the drawer front and screwing the knobs on from the back, I fasten them to a post that's securely anchored in the drawer front. I drill a pilot hole two-thirds of the way through the drawer front and thread in a pan head sheet metal screw (these screws have sharp threads that really grip). I cut off the screw's head and file the rough edges. Then I thread on the knob.

Edwin Hackleman

American Woodworker november 2007 19

nger. safer, easier to clean up and

What makes Titebond" 111 Ultimate Wood Glue the best ever? It's waterproof, yet cleans up with water. It allows eight minutes of open assembly time and offers an application temperature as low as 47°E

Cheesy Dado Shims

While looking around the shop to find a shim for my dado set, I saw the plastic lid from a cottage cheese container in the trash. Hmm, I thought, that could be it.

I trimmed away the edge and measured the thickness. At .022 (about 3/128), it complemented my thinner paper shims perfectly. To cut the arbor hole, I just folded the top in half. I've kept several of these cheesy shims handy ever since.

Serge Duclos and excellence. You'll see it as the ultimate wood glue.

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