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More Dust Collection Tips

Shop-Made Wye Fitting

When I got my Cyclone dust collector, I decided to Install spiral ductwork. But I was shocked when I saw the cost of the wye fittings.

Then I noticed 45-degree boot saddles, used to retrofit existing ductwork (see Source, below). I did the math and figured I could make my own wye fittings for less than half the cost of factory-made. I positioned the boot saddle where I wanted it to go on a straight run of spiral pipe and traced the inside opening, where the hole is to be cut out. After cutting the hole, I pop-riveted the boot saddle in place and used toil duct tape to seal it up.

Rob Mousel


Marstan, Inc., (763) 754-9487, www.marstaninc.com Galvanized 6" 45-degree boot saddle, #2-06501, $11

Planer Stop-Leak

The first time I used my new benchtop planer, its dust collection assembly leaked like a sieve. The snap-in-place exhaust port didn't seat properly, especially when the heavy dust collection hose was attached. Removing the exhaust port revealed more gaps in the dust collection's intake assembly.

To solve the problem, I removed the intake assembly and caulked all the mating surfaces. To seat the exhaust port firmly, while keeping it easy to install and remove, I tapped a pair of holes into the main casting and installed thumb screws.

Mark Thiel

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