Shape The

17. Mount the cap tenon into the scroll chuck. Use the Forstner bit to drill the cap about 1/4-in. deeper than the length of the tenon on the body (Photo 12).

18. Install the 1/4-in. bit in the Jacobs-style chuck and drill through the cap (Photo 13).

19. Now it's time to compare the hardware dimensions with the mill you have created thus far. Place the mechanism into the body. Screw the cap nut all the way down then, back it off one full turn.

20. Measure to determine the cap's height (Photo 14).

21. Widen the hole in the cap to fit the tenon on the body. This fit should be a little loose for easy pepper grinding. I widen the hole with either a parting tool or a skew held flat and horizontal on the rest.

22. Establish the height of the cap by cutting in with the parting tool, about one-forth of the way down at this time.

23. Use the detail/spindle gouge to shape the outside of the cap (Photo 15). To check the overall look of the mill I often turn the lathe off and put the body on the cap.

24. Remove the cap from the scroll chuck. Mount the waste block back in the scroll chuck and create a new tenon to use as a jam chuck for the cap.

25. Turn away the remaining waste material on the cap to achieve the final height (Photo 16). When you're satisfied with the shape and quality of your turning, go ahead and sand the cap.

26. The mechanism I've chosen uses four small screws to secure the mill in the base. Pre-drill each of the holes with the 1/16-in. bit. Screw the mill hardware in place. Add the cap and nut and see how it performs.

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Jam-chuck the

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small and break easily so be sure to pre-drili.

screws. These screws are

1 w Assem JL / ble the parts with the supplied

IO Drill a 1/4-«LJin. hole through the cap. Work slowly, removing the bit and chips frequently to avoid binding and overheating.

M Determine the final height of the cap by measuring the distance from the tenon shoulder to the bottom of the cap nut. Before you measure, screw the cap nut down all the way then back it off a full turn.

1 KShape -L *_/the outside of the cap with the detail/spindle gouge.The goal is to have something that feels great in the hand and looks pleasant to the eye.

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