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Ted's Woodworking Plans

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Quality Hardwoods and Woodworking machinery For The Craftsman and Educational Institutions rmrm m


Basswood .

Butternut.. . Cherry

Hickory-Pecan 4/4 Select $3.00 $100.00

Mahogany (Genuine) ...4/4 Select $4.70.._____„.._ $112.00

Maple (Soft) 414 Select $2.50 eBemiC 5 88.00

Poplar 4/4 Select $1.80 OrtWAlb 5 78.00

Walnut__________________4/4 Select S4.90 ____________________$115.00

White Oak______________4/4 Select S2.70 ___________________$ 96.00

Cypress 4/4 Select 52.60 ___________________$ 90.00

White Pine________________4/4 F.G. $1.25 _____________________$ 70.00

Above prices are for 100' Above prices are 20 bd. ft.

quantities of kilndried rough bundles of clear kilndried turn-

lumber sold by the Bd. Ft. FOB ber 3"-10" wide • 3'-5' long (Ran-

Mayodan, NC. Call for quan- dom widths & lengths) Surfaced titydiscounts. Othersizesand 2sidesorrough.DeliveredUPS

grades available. prepaid in the Continental U.S.


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