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Wear and working around food are two things to consider when choosing a pepper mill Finish. A pepper mill is a hand-operated tool that holds a food item. Hands are abrasive and acidic - even when they're clean. Most film-type finishes, including lacquer, shellac and varnish don't wear well on a pepper mill. 1 have «v..»»* had good luck with wipe-on poly or gel varnish. However, 1 lean towards oil or an oil/varnish blend, such as pure tung oil, walnut oil and Danish-oil finishes.

Note: Never finish the inside of a pepper mill.

small and break easily so be sure to pre-drili.


Packard Woodworks, (800) 683-8876,

10" Deluxe pepper mill mechanism, #154012, $12.

1-1/16" Forstner bit, #150402, $8. 1-5/8" Forstner bit, #150403,

Woodcraft, (800) 225-1153,

10" Pepper Grinder Kit (includes salt shaker top and bottom plugs), #126639, $16.

screws. These screws are

1 w Assem JL / ble the parts with the supplied

Call Toll-Free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week National Headquarters: 8085 Centurv Blvd. Chaska. MN 55318

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