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Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Wood Profits by Jim Morgan

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Intermatic (4720 W. Montrousc, Chicago, IL 60641, 312-282-7310). There's no wiring necessary with this model. Price is $1 1.95 plus shipping.

Jim Schaefer Stillwater, MN

Dovetail Saw Guide

I made these jigs to cut through dovetail joints with my Japanese saw. A pair of hardwood guide blocks, glued to a clamping block, keep the saw blade from wandering as I make cach cut. You'll need to make three jigs in all:

one for cutting the tails, and two for cutting the pins. Drill holes as shown, so you can sec layout lines when positioning cach jig. Before using cach jig, place your saw in the kerf and make a cut into the clamping block, then line up the cutline with your layout line.

Willard Anderson Chapel Hill, NC

Hands-Free Quick Stop

For a hands-free quick stop, I mounted a push-button emergency switch on my bandsaw. 1 placed it at knee height so I can stop the machine without looking.

I'm mounting similar switches on my tablesaw and drill press. Industrial emergency stop switches arc available from most electrical supply stores; wire them in series with the original switch.

Armour McCarthy Erierville, NY

Marking Cylinders

To mark a line parallel to the axis of a cylinder, lay a length of angle iron on it and draw along one edge.

Alicc and Robert Tuppcr Canton, SD

Drilling Soft Materials

To drill holes in soft materials like sheet rubber or leather, first I make a sandwich by clamping two pieces of '/4-in.

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