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Cheap Woodworking Secrets

How to Get Cheap or Free Hardwood Lumber

Get Instant Access

with the Alaskan Saw Mill

(available in 24H, 30", 36*. 48\ 56" sizes)

Cut lumber on site with the Alaskan MK ill: beams, boards, siding and custom cuts.

GRANBERG international

PO Box 425. Richmond, CA £4307.042$ (5101237-2099 Fax (51 Ol 237-1667

NOW! Plane, Mold, Sand & Saw... with Infinitely Variable Power-Feed!

Put this versatile power-feed tool to work in your own shop. See how fast it pays for itself! Quickly converts low-cost rough lumber into valuable finished stock, quarter-round, casing, base mold, tongue & groove . .all popular patterns... even custom designs!

NEW! Variable Feed Rate

Now, just a twist of the dial adjusts your planer from 70 to over 1000 cuts-per-inch! Produces a glass-smooth finish on tricky grain patterns no other planer can handle. Converts to Drum Sander or Gang Rip Saw in under five minutes.

* Woodmaster Tools, Inc., Dept. PY32 1431 N. Topping Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120

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A Newbies Guide To Wood Working

A Newbies Guide To Wood Working

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