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Make protective cover from another < drum.

Glue Tips For Turning Bowl

Gluing Segments

When I'm cutting mitcrcd segments to glue up for bowl turning, I leave a small flat along the edge of each segment, as shown below. When I glue up the blank, catch squeeze-out.

glue can squeeze out into the cavity without messing up the band clamp. Another advantage: l"he flat (and not a knife-edge) provides a positive stop against the fence when Fm cutting the miters.

Arnold Nichols Simsbury, CT

Hot Batteries Revisited

I agree that overheated batteries can be a fire hazard CTcch Tips," AW #50). Instead of relying on a red light to jog my memory, I plug my charger into a 60-minutc timer that turns it off and leaves it off. I use model #IB16lC from


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