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Woodworker's Supply, Inc., has acquired Leichtung Workshops®, a well-known mail-order merchant.

Dr. John Wirth, Jr., President and owner of Woodworker's Supply®, said the company plans to continue Leichtung's popular catalog business.

Leichtung Workshops Catalog

300 lbs. of pressure and 224 mph winds couldn't break this door down. Better not lose your keys.

We don't test our dcors at Stanley. We punish them with wind, with water, with very large metal objects. And when we're done, we punish them some more If we sound like violent folks, please forgive us. We're not. In fact, we love ilowers. birds and other living things. But to make a better door, you have to be tough That's why everything we make at Stanley is specifically designed to stay around. Like until the next millennium. Whether its a mirror door that doesn't come off its track or a fiberglass hammer that doesn't break on mis hits, the same will always be true. After all. we've been around for more than 150 years. So. we definitely know a thing or two about longevity htipyoafothinfsii^!:

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VELCROfc VACUUM DISCS 8 Hole pattern For Bosch Sand<*i

VELCROfc VACUUM DISCS 8 Hole pattern For Bosch Sand<*i


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