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Drilling Soft Materials

To drill holes in soft materials like sheet rubber or leather, first I make a sandwich by clamping two pieces of '/4-in.

plywood on the outside. Then I drill through the entire assembly. I use a brad-point bit for the smaller holes and a Forstner bit for the larger ones. If hole spacing is critical, I mark the centcrs of cach hole on top of the board.

Albert Richtcr Houston, TX

Vise Helper

Odd-shaped pieces arc sometimes hard to hold in a conventional vise. So I bandsaw this holder, making the distance "D" equal to the width of the

Trimming Edges— In Wood or Plastic Laminate

After you put edging on sheet materials such as plywood or particleboard, there's always some surplus to trim. I use a straight carbide bit mounted in a router table, as shown in the drawing. I attach an auxiliary fence so it just clears above the edging. I've found that this technique works equally well with solid wood edging and plastic laminate.

John Grew-Sheridan San Francisco, CA

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