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Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture: Instructions and Plans for 62 Projects, first published in 1986, is a selection of articles from The Craftsman magazine, edited by Gustav Stickley and published from 1901 to 1916. The articles reprinted here originally appeared in the following issues of The Craftsman: page 1, May 1905; pages2-3, July 1903; pages4-5, March 1905; pages6-13, April 1905; pages 14-21, May 1905; pages 22-27, June 1905; pages 28-33, August 1905; pages 34-39, October 1905; pages 40-45, November 1905; pages 46-49, December 1905; pages 50-53, January 1906; pages 54-57, February 1906; pages 58-63, March 1906; pages 64—67, April 1906; pages 68-71, May 1906; pages 72—75, June 1906; pages 76-81, October 1906; pages 82-83, November 1906; pages 84-85, December 1906; pages 86-89, January 1907; pages 90-97, February 1907; pages 98-99, April 1907; pages 100-1, December 1906; pages 102-3, April 1907; pages 104-7, May 1907; pages 108-9, August 1905; pages 110-15, July 1907; pages 116-17, August 1907; pages 118-19, September 1907.

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Making authentic craftsman furniture.

Articles from The Craftsman, edited by Gustav Stickley and published between 1901 and 1916.

1. Furniture making. I. Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. II. Craftsman (Albany, N.Y.)

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Publisher's Note

This book contains instructions and plans for making sixty-two pieces of authentic Craftsman furniture. The projects are reprinted directly from Gustav Stickley's important magazine, The Craftsman, published from 1901 to 1916. Plans for furniture were a regular feature of The Craftsman; the projects reprinted here (with one exception) first appeared in the twenty-part series "Home Training in Cabinet Work," which ran in about two out of every three monthly issues between March 1905 and September 1907. (The series was followed by other, shorter series such as "Lessons in Practical Cabinet Work" and "Lessons in Practical Cabinetmaking and Metal Work.")

In addition to their intrinsic merit as pleasing and useful domestic objects, the pieces shown here exemplify a pivotal development in American decorative arts. Although related to the work of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement in England, as witness the Morris chair included here, Stickley's publication developed a unique style. The simple, straightforward Craftsman approach to furniture— relatively unornamented pieces with clean, functional lines—became a classic American style in its own right. (For further information on Craftsman furniture, see Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs, Dover 23838-5.)

Each project reprinted here generally includes the following: a brief statement of the item's character, including suggestions for appropriate varieties of wood; a "mill bill" giving complete lumber specifications; schematic drawings or diagrams of the piece, showing both front and side views with dimensions; a perspective drawing of the completed piece. An Index of Projects appears on page 121.


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