Conover Lathe

hinking of moving up? Need a machinc with greater length, more horsepower, greater rigidity? Most of our customers have exceeded the capacity of smaller machines.

Heavy cast iron construction, precisely machined, produces a lathe with 16" swing. With user supplied 2* x 6" timbers, this lathe can be sized to fit your workshop or project. Excellent for faceplate or spindle work. Guaranteed to please and compliment even the most discerning of craftsmen.

The Conover Lathe. A long tradition of pride in Amencan-made quality.

Conover Lathe Div.

Fabrication Inc.

P.O. Box 418, Mentor, Ohio 44061-0418

Conover Lathe

Innovative DeWalt Tablesaw

If you're in the market for a stationary tablesaw, consider DeWalt's innovative new entry. Although it won't be available until December 1999 at the earliest, we're already impressed, especially with the accessory sliding table.

The DW746 outperforms a standard contractor's saw yet is less expensive than a cabinet saw. It is driven by a 110-volt,l ft hp motor mounted inside the saw. (Contractors saws generally have 1 lh horsepower motors mounted outside the saw.) The arbor is driven by a single belt and is mounted on robust trunnions to reduce vibration.

This saw takes up less space than a contractors saw. The motor doesn't hang off the back side, so you can tuck the saw up against a wall. The rails are shorter, too, but you can still rip wood up to 30-in. wide.

Here are several other user-friendly features: The blade tilts to the left, away from the fence, which reduces the danger of kickback when making bevel cuts. The power switch is large and easy to turn off with a bump of your knee. (However, it is not a magnetic switch.) Dust collection is enhanced by a shroud that completely encloses the saw blade. There is a 2Vi-in. dia. port on the shroud for hooking up your dust collector hose. DeWalts new rip fence combines the best features of the leading fence designs. It's a T-square design with a direct-read cursor. The fence effortlessly tracks across the saw and solidly locks down on the front rail.

An integrated sliding table puts this tablesaw in a class by itself. It is an accessory, not part of the basic saw. It's superior to a home-made crosscut sled, because you can easily cut panels at any angle, not just 90 degrees. The sliding table is made of cast iron, has its own miter slot, rides on two ballbearing slides and offers 30-in. of cross-cut capacity.

Street price for a basic saw is expected to be around SI,000. Other accessories include a 52-in. rail system, cast iron extension wings, outfeed table and a mobile base. Call (800) 4 DEWALT. M

Product Reviews too* North Amencan

Dewalt Crosscut Sled



10" Table Saw too* North Amencan


Mm* General Machinery

Table Board. Leg Set A Carbide Blade

2625 Beaver Avenue. Des Moines, IA 50310

Table Board. Leg Set A Carbide Blade

2625 Beaver Avenue. Des Moines, IA 50310

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