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American Woodworker OCTOBER 1999

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Crosscut Sled

COUNTERSINK five evenly spaced holes for ¥*-in. No. 6 wood screws in both runners. Mount only the first one to the bottom of the sled using a carpenter s square with a metal straightedge to hold the runner straight and square. Drill the holes for the screws slightly larger than the shafts (%4-in. for No. 6 screws) or the plastic will bulge and cause binding in the slots.

Crosscut Sled

FIT THE PLASTIC RUNNERS. They should slide easily in the miter gauge slots without any binding or slop. Cut them to the sled table width.

small tasks and the larger model shown here. You can use any in.-or V4-in.-ihick. cabinet-grade plywood—as long as it's flat

The runners are made of ultrahigh molecular weight plastic in. x 4-ft. x 4-in. sheets run about $20; see Sources, p. 43). Slop-free sizing of the runners is crucial for an accurate sled. They should be the same length as the sled table, just under %-in. thick (so they won't bottom out in the miter slot) and should slide in the slots easilv with no side-to-side movement

Centering the blade in the table allows for the necessary 2-in. overhang for the stop (Photo 13) on the left side of the saw table and access to the adjusting screw lor ihe fence. Check your saw to confirm thai the dimensions of this sled (built to fit a Delta Unisaw) will allow enough overhang. If not. either make the table wider or offset everything so the sled has at least 2-in. overhang over the left side of the saw.

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