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The intensity and hue of walnut often varies from one board to another or between plywood veneer and solid lumber. These color differences can detract from the appearance of your finished project. Give your project a more cohesive look by dyeing the lighter wood and applying a glaze to even out the color differences. Use the same procedure we explained in "Make Sapwood Disappear," p. 61.

If you don't discover the mismatch until alter you have applied a coat of oil or other finish. skip the dyeing step and blend the colors with glaze as we've done on the bookcase in these photos. M

Make your own Raised Panel Cabinet Doors with your 1/4" or 1/2" Router, or your 1/2" or 3/4" Shaper.

Plus make many other types of doors and projects:

• Flat Panel Doors • Kitchen Cabinet Doors

• Cathedral Doors • Entertainment Center Doors

It's simple, inexpensive, and easy vuih professional production quality MLCS carbide toped door sets! Sets include ComL<nbation Rail and Stile bit. Raised Panel bit pius instructions, professional tips and techniques.

Raised Panel Door Sets


#1301 1/4-Shank Router $69.95

Raised Panel Door Instructional Video

«1438 Special Sale Price $9.95

The NEW Merle Clamp now features pivoting jaws that adjust to any angle!

Raised Panel Door Instructional Video

«1438 Special Sale Price $9.95

Skil Stile And Rail Bit Instructions
♦Combination Rail & Stile Bit

kWfl'O UPVoAjct Sccrccsrd

The new flexible jaw inserts are made of non-marring high impact ABS plastic and are easily removed. The NEW dual pivot feature allows the Merle to clamp virtually any size or shape securely! 23 ft. of steel banding included.

• Clarrp drcfes. ovals, rectangles, and with dddtcraJ comers (see befcw*) a more sides.

• Weal for ckmpng drawers, doors, pcture frames, boxes, cabness, etc. Hctos finrty in square.

• Adjustable, uniform ctampng pressue on all scfcs

• Durable cast alumrum and steel oonstrucbco

• Clamps as smal as 2-5'B" x 2-5/8' to 69" x 69'. or 23' arouxJ, but can be extended to any length by usng standard S'B" steel barring or strapping.

Mefle Clamp and 23 ft. of steel banding

*4 Additional Alumnum Comers and Jaw Inserts #1440 Sa of 4 SALES1495

kWfl'O UPVoAjct Sccrccsrd

Table Saw Sled Slot

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped Router Bits

Professional Production Quality:


#1423 2" La'pa Dametor S29.95

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