Routing A Mortise

Using the same jig, attach a support board, end stops and edge guides. Use a straight bit and rout the mortise by moving the router base between the guides.

Fenced for mortises. Add a pair of edge guides and end stops to the same jig, and plunge rout the mortise.


Adjustable Router Template

Screw end stop

Attach adjustable edge guides to bear against router base.


Screw y* x 3 x 20 support board to board.

Exterior Wood Shutter Louvered Jig

Drill for shutter pins. Above> drill the holes in the stiles by aligning the stock in a jig on the drill press. A sliding dovetailed block holds a shutter pin to engage the workpiece. At right, use a separate jig to hold the louvers vertically for drilling.

Drilling accurate shutter-pin holes—

It's important to drill evenly spaced holes in the stiles and the louvers for the shutter pins. I use two drill-press jigs to do this. The stile-hole jig references die previously drilled hole, ensuring consistent spacing. (See photo at top left, and "Tech Tips," AW #58, for a similar jig.)

The louver-drilling jig holds each louver as shown in the photo at left center. Flip each louver to drill the second hole, so the same edge rests on the same side of the fence. This will place any minor misalignment on the same side and keep the louvers straight in the frame.

Detailing the frames—Cut the rabbets in the top and bottom rails on the table-saw, to act as stops for the louvers. (See Fig. 1.) Be sure to rabbet the interior side of the top rail and the exterior side of the bottom rail.

Next, rout the notch in the center of the top rail for the control arm. I bandsaw a template to the shape of the notch, and use a guide bushing and straight bit. (See photo, above right.)

Then I use the same bushing and bit and a separate template to rout shallow mortises for the butt hinges on the edges of the stiles. (Sec Fig. 1.)

Finally, I chuck a V8-in. core-box bit in the router table to make a Vfc-in. cove along the inside edges of the stiles.

Sealing before assembly— With all the parts cut, sand everything with 150-grit sand-

Control Rod Hole Jig Shutter

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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