Alternate Top Classic Bookcase

To make the Classic Bookcase with a simpler top design, start by cutting the top front (0) and top side pieces (P) to a uniform width of 21/4M.

Miter these pieces (0, P) to length to allow for a W overhang over the top molding (see Cross Section below and Fig. Via on page 69).

Glue and clamp the top front (0) and side pieces (P) to the cleats (N).

The cove molding (Q) is routed, mitered, and then glued and screwed in place as on the original design (see Cross Section below and page 69).

alternate top bookcase:

O Top Front (1) 3A x 21/4 - 44 rough P Top Sides (2) 3/4 x 2'A -14 rough Q Cove Molding (1) % x 1 % - 78 rough cross section side view

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